Beyond your standard hunting safari we offer custom safaris that are tailored to exactly what you want which can include various different experiences and countries


We are really lucky to have access to so many wonderful countries. Experiencing Africa with your family is a very special undertaking and you can create memories that will live on for generations to come. Africa is so unique and sharing it with your loved ones is something everyone on the trip will treasure.

As a family your days are spent hunting in the vast wildernesses of Africa; searching and tracking for dangerous game or plains game; nights are spent sitting around the crackle of the camp fire while you reminisce about your day in the African sun; and as you go to sleep you cannot wait for what tomorrows holds especially because you get to share it with your family.

We walk through some of Africa’s most pristine land. Always best shared with loved ones and friends. 

There is no trip too big or small. May it be the chase for the tiny ten or the big five. Contact us now to start planning!


If you have the dream of adventuring throughout Africa in a chase to collect some of Africa’s most desired specimens. We hunt from the Namibian desert in search of the Damara Dik-Dik to the Mozambiquean Sand Forest for Livingstones Suni to the jungles of Central Africa for the Giant Eland and Bongo. 

This is an adventure well suited to the collector that is happy to bide his time over a few years. Making informed decisions to achieve your dream is what our Professional Hunters are here for. They have a combined experience of over 80 years tracking through Africa.

Nowhere in africa is inaccessible for us!


We are fortunate to offer you some of Africa’s finest bird hunting, from the upland birds in the highlands of South Africa to some hot barrel pigeon and dove shooting. Let’s not forget the world-class waterfowl hunting.

What sets us apart from others is the locations we hunt and our passion. We take pride in the variety of bird hunting that is on offer.


With 5 star lodging, wing shooting, and cuisine a good time is sure to be had!

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